I provide legal advice and represent clients in the following areas

Civil law

  • Preparation of all types of contracts and other legal documents
  • Property settlements

Family law

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Adjustment of rights and obligations to minors
  • Settlement of common and co-owned marital property

Employment law

  • Employment contracts and other employment-related documents
  • Termination of employment relationships
  • Related disputes

Real estate

  • Legal support for real estate agencies
  • Legal support in development projects

Property law

  • Full service for buying, selling and renting real estates
  • Preparation of complete contractual documentation for real estate transactions
  • Land law

Commercial law

  • Establishment of companies
  • Changes in companies/sales
  • Preparation of various types of contracts, and other legal documents

Business consulting

  • Managing companies
  • Legislative changes
  • Compliance management system
  • GDPR

Public procurement

Complex legal services in all phases for:
  • applicants in public procurements and other selection procedures
  • public procurers, and other entities conducting selection procedures

RPSP –Registration in the Register of public sector partners

Oprávnená osoba na:
  • registration in RPSP
  • change of registered information, deletion from RPSP
  • verification of the identification of the ultimate beneficial owners by 31.12.

Administrative law

  • Administrative proceedings
  • KCadastral proceedings
  • Construction proceedings